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Collaboration: Not just a buzzword, it's our manifesto

Collaboration is a recursive process, where we work together to realize a shared goal. This is a deep, collective effort; we succeed by sharing knowledge, learning and building consensus.

Learn more about collaboration with SharePoint, and CollaborationPeople

We're CollaborationPeople

We believe in collaboration as a mind-set; we don't want to be your consultant, we want to be your partner.  Only when you're successful, when you've met your goals, do we feel that we've been successful.  We'll be there for the long haul, but we also know when to leave you alone.  We don't have account managers whose job it is to sell more work.  In fact, everyone who works with you adds value to the team.  Because of this, you'll find that working with us is very different from the other consulting firms out there.  We work hard to build trust, because we've found that success always results from trusting business relationships.  We'll help guide you through areas where you need our expertise, and we'll learn about your business so we can provide solutions that make sense for you.  It's all about Collaboration.  That isn't just a buzzword to us, it's a manifesto.

To learn more about how CollaborationPeople can help your business earn more and spend less, visit our Services page

We Can Take Your Website to the Next Level

Building a world class web presence is not easy.  It takes experience, creativity and a good measure of perseverance.  But that's just for starters.  It's not enough to simply build a website.  It has to represent your company and brand for the long term.  You have to keep the content fresh and relevant.  It has to be easy to update your site; if you get lost in the mechanics, your new website won't get updated.  And you certainly shouldn't need someone with technical skills to do this for you.

The solution for this problem is called Web Content Management (WCM).  Big words for a simple concept.  It's a website that allows anyone you authorize to make updates to the content on the pages of your site, and even to create new pages and reorganize your site as necessary. 

Here's a typical scenario you may be already familiar with.  You want to add a new page concerning a new widget you are offering to your customers.  Simple enough, but you first have to contact your web developer, who happens to be on vacation.  After several days of email-tag, you finally get the page created.  When you read it, you immediately notice a few typos, and furthermore you decide that you want to make a few changes to the rest of the text, and replace the blurry photo with a new one you took that morning.  And you realize the developer put the new page in the wrong place on the site.  You find yourself going back to email, instead of simply making the changes, and getting on with your business of Widget making.

Here's how that scenario plays out in the WCM world on a website that CollaborationPeople has built for you.  You log in to the website administration, and click Create Page, fill out a few fields and paste the text you've prepared into the page.  You upload a photo, and add that to the page as well.  When you click Preview, you realize you need to make a few changes, and after a few minutes, you publish the page to the website with a single click of your mouse, and get on to the business of Widgets.  No phone messages on your developer's answering machine, no repeated emails asking for the status of the update—the job is already done.  WCM is all about making your job easier.

To learn more about WCM, and get specific examples of how it can make your life easier and your communications more effective, visit our blog.

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